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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Better Search Engine Positions with .hotel?

Haven’t you wondered why hotel-related domain names like or constantly realized extraordinary prices when sold to a new owner. Or why, or even (.sc = seychelles) are among the top three most valuable domain names in each new top-level domain extension?

We tell you why – or much better see it with your own eyes: Over 50% or the Internet users search request in search engines or by direct search include a geographic term and in cases of a special relationship with hotels a generic term like cheap, design or family. We made a search engine request survey with typing in some dozens of search combination with the pattern “hotel paris”, “hotel marina” or just “hotel” (with different country search settings).

To point out the term “hotel paris” with Google, Yahoo and Bing as a representative search example: There is a very clear relation between the search term “hotel paris” and the domain names listed in the top positions:, and

Having said this you can imagine how valuable .hotel domain names will be for hotels. Hotels may choose any domain name which describes their hotel, from www.brand.hotel, www.destination.hotel to the opportunity for improved search engine rankings the .hotel domain extension will offer a great benefit to hotels – and of course shorter and simpler domain names which stick to the Internet users mind.