Domain names for the hotel business


When discussing the upcoming .hotel top-level domain with hotel owners and hotel marketing experts we are often confronted with the argument that most hotels and hotel chains do already own their respective .com domain name and for this reason do not need to register a .hotel domain name. To make this argument a valid one we did some research among the top 100 hotel chains and marketing organizations and asked whether they own a .com domain names which matches their brand name.

Interestingly most experts failed with their argument. Almost 20 out of the top 50 hotel brands do not own a corresponding .com domain name, going beyond the top 50, things are getting even worse. To give these findings a face please visit the following domain names and find out that you do not get what you expect:

These findings not only affect hotel chain names but also individual hotel names. For instance, the famous ADLON hotel in Berlin, Germany, did not manage to register neither the German nor the international

Exactly at this point the .hotel name space could offer orientation for hotel customers since only hotels may register the .hotel domain names. By this we will finally see that www.choice.hotel and www.adlon.hotel will resolve to the respective brand.

The missing .com domain name is just one of the dimensions why a .hotel name space is needed!