Domain names for the hotel business

Nancy Johnson of Carlson Hotels joined dotHOTEL Advisory Board

Carlson Hotels executive vice president Nancy Johnson has joined Hotel Top-Level-Domain’s industry advisory board. The Advisory Board is responsible for making non-binding recommendations to the organization’s directors regarding domain names ending with .hotel. The group will determine who will eligible to register a dot hotel domain name. They will also provide assistance and guidance in governing the organization by establishing policies and objectives. Nancy will support and review the company’s strategy and management team, and assist with the development of domain name registration policies.

Those eligible for registration of .hotel domain names will include individual hotels and hotel chains, hotel organizations, and hotel organizations such as the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA) or the Hospitality and Sales Marketing Association International (HSMAI). Other parties working in or for the hotel industry may become eligible at a later stage. These prospective registrants would include hotel educational institutions, hotel media, hotel booking portals and other dedicated hotel suppliers.;jsessionid=6554a592f1da902a910843931b78.w2?storyId=4153677