Domain names for the hotel business


The .hotel top-level domain will offer

  • a trusted and secure namespace for the global hotel community
  • valuable new domain names for hotels and their associations, which gain better search engine rankings and reduce the dependency from booking portals
  • better online network and more effective online marketing for the entire hotel businesses
  • .hotel will be home of the global hotel community

For the global hotel community the .hotel top-level domain will have additional benefits – with its policies the .hotel name space will decrease online fraud, spam, cybersquatting and other scam.

The .hotel top-level domain can be used for instance for the following domain names:

  • www.kempinsiki.hotel
  • adlon.kempinski.hotel
  • www.adlon.hotel
  • www.japan.hotel
  • www.123booking.hotel

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the hotel business to use a .hotel domain name.


The .hotel Top-Level Domain Eligibility Policies (draft version)


The .hotel top-level domain is designed to serve the the hotel community worldwide. It is planned that it’s second-level domains such as oriental.hotel will be available for registration to the hotel community on a local, national and international level. The registration of .hotel domains shall be restricted to the following hotel community categories.


  • Individual Hotels
  • Hotel Chains and Hotel Marketing organizations
  • International, national and local Associations representing Hotels and Hotel Associations
  • Other Organizations representing Hotels and Hotel Owners


As with other top-level domains the registrant will sign upon registration of a .hotel domain that he belongs to any of the defined community categories. All .hotel domains will be subject to a verification procedure.


Any disputes regarding .hotel domains will be resolved under international recognized dispute resolution mechanisms as mentioned by ICANN at




Safety and security are crucial for trust and reliability of e-commerce applications of hotel business websites, to customers but also to partners. The Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC) can help to make a new top-level domain like the .hotel top-level domain safer and more secure to everyone.


The DNSSEC specification guaranties that email was sent from the origin the recipient believes or a website that is displayed is the website the uses wants. Origin authentication, data integrity sender and authenticated denial of existence by the Domain Name System (DNS) and used on Internet Protocol (IP) networks are the technical keywords which describe DNSSEC.


.hotel will work with experts to implement DNSSEC for the benefits of the global hotel industry.


Currently DNSSEC is on the way for its implementation within the US-Governments own name space .gov. Other top-level domains like .se oder .org have also started to deploy DNSSEC on a broader scope.

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