Domain names for the hotel business


The hotel® Top-Level-Domain S.à.r.l., is a Luxembourg based, privately held company with the mission to develop the .hotel top-level domain for the benefit of the global hotel business on the Internet, with the approval of the Internet administration body ICANN.


Major aim of the company is to create with the hotel domain .hotel security, trust and credibility for the global hotel community.


The .hotel project is operated by a management team with solid know-how of the Internet and domain industry. We are in close cooperation with hotels, associations, and other members of the hotel Community worldwide.  As of today leading members of the hotel community endorsed the .hotel project, among them the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA), and the German Hotel Association (IHA e.V.).

Advisory Board


The members of the DOTHOTEL Advisory Board jointly oversees the activities of the .hotel top-level domain and its management. The DOTHOTEL Advisory Board consists of international experts and representatives from the hotel and Internet business and acts as an exchange platform for the global .hotel community.

The Advisory Board provides assistance and guidance in

  • governing the organization by establishing policies and objectives;
  • supporting and reviewing the performance of the management team;
  • supporting and reviewing the companies strategy;
  • broadening a multi-stakeholder approach and networking of the .hotel top-level domain;
  • accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance;
  • domain registration policies (allocation and administration) of domain names.

Members of the Advisory Board include:

  • Representatives from international hotel and hotel associations
  • Representatives from national hotel and hotel associations
  • Representatives from hotel chains
  • Representatives from individual hotels
  • Representatives from the Internet and Domain name business (ICANN, registrars, registries)


The Community


It is commonly agreed in sociology, psychology and business that community types can categorized in a number of ways that include formal incorporated associations, economic enterprises, or professional associations at a small, national or international scale. Such communites are are called “Community organizations” (source: and


The hotel community is such type of economic community consisting of hotel organizations (associations) as community institutions and hotel chains and individual hotels as community members. The terminology “hotel community” is frequently used and common in the hotel industry signifying for hotel associations and hotels. A term like “the american hotel community” is used in 36,100 websites and “the global hotel community” is used in 42,100 websites (source:


The .hotel top-level domain is a bottom-up and multi-stakeholder driven community project which is supported by leading organizations of the hotel community. The supporters which are the basis for the community include large and leading hotel associations, hotel chains, hotel marketing organizations, and many others around the globe.




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