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Who may register .hotel domain names?
Hotel community members like individual hotels, hotel chains and hotel associations will be eligible to register a .hotel domain name.


Which evidence is needed to register a .hotel domain name?
With a .hotel domain name registration the registrant will commit itself to be in compliance with the hotel community eligibility criteria. During registration we will validate this self-commitment on each single domain name registered. For verification we may use companies register, hotel association membership lists, registered trademarks or other positive evidence.


Where can .hotel domain name be registered?
.hotel domain names will be available at many registrars, where hotels and other hotel community members already have their domain portfolios.


Is there a safeguard for trademark holders?
Yes, registered trademark holders from the hotel community will be able to register domain names based on their intellectual property rights before the open registration starts.


What are the costs for a .hotel domain name?
Depending on the registrar where the customer registers the domain name, the cost for a .hotel domain will be in the range of current prices for domain names.