Domain names for the hotel business


icann-redThe California based and privately operated non-profit organisation ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is, besides other technical mandates, responsible for the oversight of established top-level domains such as .com or .us but also new ones like .hotel, .berlin or .shop.

.hotel team has successfully submitted an application for the .hotel top-level domain with ICANN, you can see the .hotel application here. We are currently waiting for the final approval by ICANN.


The Trademark Clearinghouse


ICANN enabled the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) as a central database for trademarks under the new top-level domains. It protects and informs trademark owners at domain name registrations by third parties in the first registration phase (Sunrise Period, general availability or Landrush) in the new gTLDs . It also enables trademark owners to register domains on the basis of their registered trademarks in the TMCH in each gTLD , provided the trademark owner meets the individual admission requirements .


Trademark registration in the TMCH

To enjoy this protection under the new gTLDs, brands must be registered in the TMCH . ICANN has defined rules that must be met by brands in order to be eligible for registration.


Domain Registration in the Sunrise phases of the new gTLDs

Trademark owners may on the basis of their registered trademarks in the TMCH, register under the specific gTLD in the sunrise phase privileged the corresponding domains, but only the ” exact match” , that is the exact equivalent of the brand. Costs for domain registration vary by gTLD.


Domain Registration in the Landrush phases of the new gTLDs

During the Landrush phases registrants will be notified when they register a domain name that matches a brand name entered in TMCH. In parallel, the trademark owner is notified of the domain name registration by a third party. The so-called Trademark Claims Service will be performed only for an “exact match” .


TMCH is mandatory for all new gTLDs

All new gTLDs are obliged to use the data of the TMCH at least in the first 90 days of operation – during the Sunrise phase for at least 30 days and during the general availability as a “Trademark Claims Service” for at least 90 days.

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